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A Traditional Carnival Instrument from Italy February 15, 2008

Let’s celebrate Carnival at the “Cupe Cupe” sound!



During the Carnival parades, plays and fancy parties we accompany our songs and our dances with the “Cupe Cupe”, a tipycal Carnival instrument that everyone can make with his own hands.
To make a “Cupe Cupe” you need to have a big cylinder shaped tin, a piece of thin cane long about 30 cm, a piece of cloth o, rather, the skin of the pig bladder, worked and stretched out.
Take the tin and cover it at the open end by the cloth after you have tied the cane in its middle.
To fix it at the tin use a string rolled more times in way the cloth remains well stretched.
You obtain the sound handling the cane by the wet hand and doing a movement from up to down.
To have the possibility to wet your hand in every moment, especially during the parades, pour on some water, through the cloth, directly into the tin.
At our “Cupe Cupe” sound we intonate our traditional Carnival songs that are strictly in Francavilla dialect. If you want to listen to one of them and see how we play the ” Cupe Cupe” go on “Italia chiama Europa” on the sidebar.
Classe 5 ^A -Scuola Primaria “A. Ciancia” – Francavilla in Sinni (PZ ) Italia

2 Responses to “A Traditional Carnival Instrument from Italy”

  1. springtime Says:

    your instrument is funny!

    We are from Alessandria, in Piemonte, but we don’t use that instrument.
    Have you got a characteristic “maschera” in your town?
    We have Gagliaudo. We’ll write about this.
    Bye from Piera and the kids od Scuola Media Vivaldi

  2. gina Says:

    Hi Piera !
    you don’t use the ” cupe Cupe” because ia a southern Italy instrument, We use it to accompany some tipycal Francavilla songs that we sing in our dialact( one is on our blog on the blogroll: have you seen it?). unfortunatly we haven’t a characteristic ” maschera”.
    many thanks!
    Gina And Class 5^A

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