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FlashMeeting next Wednesday February 14, 2008

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FlashMeeting logo

Our first FlashMeeting will take place on
Wednesday Februaryary 20th, 2008 at 19.00 hours GMT.
The meeting will last for 2 hours to give everyone a chance to pop in and out of the meeting.

Click on this link to Sign In using the same email address that you use on this site.
Then test your equipment before the session begins.
Do not logon as a guest as you will not be able to use the conference tools.


A webcam is not necessary but it would be nice!

Adobe Flash logo

You will need Adobe Flash Player 8 or higher.

Click here or on the logo to download the latest version.

 Mic On air

This conference will be recorded but not syndicated


6 Responses to “FlashMeeting next Wednesday”

  1. Liliana Says:

    Wonderful! I will be online next Wednesday. Thanks, Joe!

    What about the others?

  2. ginama Says:

    I’ll try to be with you, too!
    20 p.m. in Italy, isn’t it?

  3. stbrendans Says:

    I’ll be there next Wednesday . Hope you can all make it.
    Re Bucharest:
    I’ve just been informed by our national agency that due to the high number of applications and a limited budget I have been placed on a reserve list so unless someone drops out I will not be travelling sadly.

  4. oide Says:

    Unfortunately, I will not be in Bucharest either.

    The CESI conference was a great success for eTwinning and I am sure a lot of teachers applied on Friday.

    Maybe we can be there in spirit if there is a broadband connection at the venue. A Flashmeeting would really get the PDW off to a good start.

    See you all on Wednesday.

  5. Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Am I going to be among strangers there? :((
    I could tell the organizers about your idea, Joe. I like it very much. Just let me know what they need to do in order to have a FlashMeeting.

  6. Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Dear all,

    Please check our forum on from time to time to find out news about our project.

    I would suggest another FlashMeeting after the eTwinning conference in Bucharest (where I will be between the 14th and the 16th of March). Also, there are a few new partners in our project and I would love to find out more about them, their schools and their expectations from this project…in a FlashMeeting of course.

    I look forward to hearing your opinions.


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